About Us

Welcome to my store.  I have been collecting for 40+ years and I have amassed a huge amount of collectibles from different genres. At one time, I thought I might open a brick and mortar store; and still have a large desire to do so.

You will find a variety of different items on my site from Toys, Books, Comic Books, Records, CDs, movies, sports memorabilia and anything that has value that is unusual or fun.  I kept everything.  I was that kid who opened his toy to play with and then put it back in the box.

There will be new and used items in my store and all are priced accordingly. If you feel strongly that something is mis-priced, then send me an email and let me know.

I am starting out with about 900 items and hope to add items daily, at least Monday thru Friday.  I have over 200,000 items to sell, so this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Enjoy browsing and check back often for new items. AND drop me an email from time to time just to say hi.  Thanks for shopping. admin@funstuffsuperstore.com